Seven Psychopaths

Review: Seven Psychopaths

09 Jan 13

1st and 7th Psychopath

Seven Psychopaths
Very british comedy by the guy that wrote and directed 'In Bruges', so this is similar to that of course. Think of 'Bandits', 'The Mexican', 'Get Shorty' with of splashs of 'Pulp Fiction' an 'Kalifornia'. The acting is superb by pure professionals which means if your not LOL then its emotional and your empathising with the characters. Really liked Rockwell, Walken an Farrell in this piece an I felt their characters work really well with their own personas. Funny, straight and kinda straight up life acting, even akward in parts.
Genre : action, comedy
4/5 : great well writen/directed film, you just have to watch the very end (little extra after couple credits), great stuff.