Seven Psychopaths JackWallace'S REVIEW

Seven Psychopaths

BY JackWallace superstar

Seven Psychopaths is awesome. I love this movie. I would even say that it's even better than director Martin McDonagh's previous film, In Bruges. Every performance is hilarious. Colin Farrell is superb as always. Sam Rockwell is funny as hell as Billy, best friends with Marty, played by Colin Farrell, a screenwriter writing a script for a new crime film called Seven Psychopaths. Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson are at their best. Walken playing Hans, working with Billy in a dog-napping business, stealing people's dogs and returning them for a cash reward. Harrelson playing Charlie, a gangster who's Shih Tzu is stolen by Billy and Hans. You can smell meta all over this mash between a Tarantino and Coen brothers movie. A movie that's aware it's a movie. Lines like "That was the worst shootout ever". Whats really amazing about Seven Psychopaths is that there's so many twists, subplots and characters, and somehow it completely avoids being convoluted like most other movies would be. The story starts to fall apart near the end, but I was entertained the whole way through and constantly laughing. Seven Psychopaths is a bloody good time.

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