Seventh Son

Review: Seventh Son

12 Mar 15

As I count down the days till Avengers: Age of Ultron I have been appeasing my insatiable appetite for films with whatever I can, hence my visit to see The Seventh Son.
I regret to say that I did not feel appeased, in fact after, watching it I felt malnourished and a little cheated. I struggled to understand how it was that this film was able to be shown and a film like John Wick was not!

I found this film boring and bland. It feels like it was made up as it went a long and though I really do like to find at least something positive about every film I see I really was strained to find any redeeming qualities it offered. What bothered me the most was seeing Jeff Bridges further decline in to a certain career dissolving film, who was resigned to speak like an idiot while trying to appear as a credible "Gandolf" or "Obiwan" type character.

Well I just took a stab in the dark to see this film and it stabbed me back, but hey, I did the same with Whiplash and was pleasantly rewarded. I know I haven't really commented on the "plot" and I am sure it had one somewhere but if I had to describe this film I would say it was a "Frankenstein's Monster" composed of the worst parts of several average fantasy films.

Hmm, something positive?... It might work as one of those corny Disney channel fantasy TV series.