Seventh Son

Review: Seventh Son

13 Mar 15

8th or 9th Son

Seventh Son
The effects I thought were going to sell this, like ‘300’ or ‘Immortals’, but unfortunately I was disappointed. My friend that came with me said how it’s a book based movie, however they have amalgamated 4 of the book series into one film. This miss-mash creates barely any character references for later in the film and apparently so confusing for the book lovers as there no chance of a sequel. Shame, as it had such a great theme and book series. Reminded me of ‘Dragon Heart’ and ‘Outcast’ (2011).
Genre : History, fantasy, action, adventure
2/5 : I do like Jeff Bridges as well, so it saddened me to see this film fall low of expectations. Boy really looks like David Tennant.