Seventh Son

Review: Seventh Son

20 Mar 15

No magic

Witches who can't do magic..really the only magic seen by these witches were to morph into animals and 'mother witch' who turned a dingy castle into a palace and restored her sisters face. Other than that the fight scenes were with swords.
A bit more hocus pocus was needed big time to make this film work. Sadly you are better off watching reruns of Bewitched.
A hero that would swig from a bottle of some alcoholic beverage and frequent pubs was not my idea of a hero. Again no magic - even for a so called spook...the Sean Connery type accent was a bit off putting. It felt like a movie that was created for the Rialto Channel and dubbed in English - but alas it was all English...shocking.
Spend some magic with your loved one as there is no magic here.