Show Dogs

Show Dogs


Unleashed and undercover.

Max, a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog (Ludacris) goes undercover with his human partner (Will Arnett) at a prestigious dog show in this talking-animal family comedy. From dog movie auteur, Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua).

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  • This nicely modulated film largely avoids the hyper-aggressive jokiness and desperate stabs at relevance that often plague kidpics. Full Review

  • Sometimes a rewarding movie theatre experience comes from a simple film that doesn't promise more than it can deliver. "Show Dogs" promises talking dogs who fight crime. It delivers. Full Review

  • The film's lack of inspiration at every level - technical, narrative and comedic - is so crushing that, save for pre-adolescents, most will consider this a top contender for worst of breed. Full Review

  • A high-concept family comedy that manages to avoid being taken for the runt of the litter, even if it doesn't really bring anything fresh and different to the arena. Full Review

  • If you came for cute canines you’ll get them, but you’d get more entertainment from an hour of dog videos on YouTube. Full Review

  • Think of it as “Miss Congeniality” for dogs, replete with the sort of slapstick humor, puerile gags and for-adults-only pop-culture references required of such endeavors. Full Review

  • Arnett has the terse air of a man doing anything he can to keep up with his alimony payments... Full Review

  • Packed with forgettable wisecracks, this is a very American brand of children's entertainment, crass and overbearing but harmless. Full Review

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