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Paul Verhoeven's panned erotic drama, winner of all the major Razzie Awards of 1996 including Worst Film of the Year. Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley from TV's Saved by the Bell), a young drifter, heads to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming the city's top dancer. Despite being critically hated, the film was a massive hit especially on home video. Its financial success had very little to do with its explicit nudity.

1995Rating: R18, Violence, offensive language and sex scenes128 minsFrance, USA
Paul Verhoeven ('Total Recall', 'Starship Troopers', 'RoboCop')
Joe Eszterhas
Elizabeth BerkleyKyle MacLachlanGina GershonGlenn Plummer

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Award Winner
Worst Picture, Actress (Berkley), Screen Couple, Director, Screenplay, New Star and Original Song at the 1996 Razzie Awards

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