Review: Sicko

26 Aug 07

Pleasantly surprised

to see that two thirds of the reviewers here have brains - and know how to use them. Tim, you nailed the core of the argument: healthcare is a service just like any other service. If one is to justify the enslavement of doctors to serve us as a birthright, where does it end? The right to be nourished? Should farmers and grocers serve the people as a non-profit group because food is a necessity? Darger nails the core of Moore: that the fat bastard is a terminal bitch with nothing better to do than be hysterical, who has thus far offer NOTHING in the way of a better idea.
Yossarian - you're either a communist or a complete sucker: Michael Moore is a cancer gnawing its host, a malignant tumour in country that has done more for humanity than all the world’s nations put together. Their research scientists - and businessmen who have mass-produced their medicines - have almost doubled global life-expectancy - including the third world nations. When Moore has his inevitable heart-bypass operation, let’s see which country he goes to for treatment.