Sin City

Sin City


Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything.

Uber stylised film noir following three hardboiled tales, based on Frank Miller's comics and co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Starring Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis.

Ex-con Marv (Rourke) avenges a murdered prostitute, private eye Dwight (Owen) helps a red light district stay independent from the Mob, and disgraced cop Hartigan (Willis) shields a dancer (Alba) from a psychotic sadist. Extremely stylised, violent, and nearly word for word adaptation of the graphic novels.

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Unlike recent adaptations of graphic novels and comics, SinCity maintains the rich illustrative qualities that absorb its cult audiences beyond the core narrative.
Shot in rich black and white, the film encapsulates the bold linear design of the comics graphics, made even more striking by the interjection of bright, effectively disruptive splashes of colour.
The success of the film is only hightened by its visual elements, which are one of the many syalistic devices of the comics... More which manifest themselves in the film. The hyper-violence, the mystery of the villain's flaw and the hero's escape, and the unsettling allerical readings of contemporary urban society, all add a richness to the film, that make it thoroghbly watchable and enjoyable.Hide

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  • The originals are not adapted or interpreted but reproduced, in frame by frame facsimile... Full Review

  • Of all the comic-book adaptations that have ever been mounted this is liable to score highest in the 'fan satisfaction' catery... Full Review

  • An exquisitely made, unbearably faddish movie that will strike joy into the hearts of all who revere amputation and apocalypse... Full Review

  • No, it's not for everyone, but its sleazy, depraved, cynical and twisted world offers the year's darkest movie thrills yet... Full Review