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From animation studio Illumination Entertainment (Minions). A koala named Buster attempts to drum up business for his failing theatre... More

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Sing is available to stream in New Zealand now on... More YouTube and Netflix and Google TV and Prime Video and Apple TV Store and Neon and Neon Rentals.

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"Look, if there’s one thing that can bring holiday cheer this festive season it’s a housewife pig fulfilling her dreams of singing Taylor Swift under the dazzling lights of whatever the animal equivalent of Broadway is. At least that’s what Minions-masters Illumination Entertainment’s Sing is banking on, taking the delightful animal world of Zootopia, stripping it of its complex moral teachings, and chucking in a whole lot of absolute pop bangers to boot."

Flicks, Alex CaseyFlicks

"Jennings and his cast manage to deliver a steady supply of laughs, while respecting one of Illumination’s core principles: It’s OK to be silly."


"The animation itself might not be the most inventive out there (this isn’t Pixar), but where Sing soars is in its one-by-one attention to its ensemble of beasts and its obvious passion for music..."

Time OutTime Out

"The aggregate effect is like aesthetic insulin shock, albeit from an artificial sweetener."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"God, it’s so obnoxious. And the worst thing is that it works. I was smiling and applauding at the end, then I had to take a long walk alone to wonder what was wrong with me."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Your enjoyment will depend on your tolerance for flatulent bison, celebrity voice artists and Elton John songs from the 1980s."


"Who doesn't love a flamboyant, spandex-wearing swine with a Swedish accent who adores Lady Gaga? And there's a black sheep who is literally a black sheep."

New York PostNew York Post

"Illumination’s latest plays to the company’s strengths, with inventive character and background design, hyper-rendered animation that pushes the technology envelope..."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Fun, entertaining, gorgeously animated, and full of good tunes..."


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