Snakes On A Plane

Review: Snakes On A Plane

24 Aug 06

It's got audience participation, it's great fun.

What annoys me, as a side note, are the press reviews that are liking it. Ordinarily they'd hate a film of this ilk - happily B-Grade, exploitation, cheesy dialogue etc - but because of the film's publicity & the excitement of the public they jump on the bandwagon & praise it.

The film - it's awesome. The crowd I saw it with (a preview screening) was amped and they were half of the fun. After a great scene (eg: snakes bites nipple), a cheer went up. After Samuel L. Jackson says "That is it! I've had it with these motherf***king snakes!", a cheer went up.

It's got audience participation, it's great fun. I've never had a crowd (or experience) like that in a NZ cinema. I bet they'll be a heap of films copying it's B-Grade stylings coming out from the studios soon.