Snow White and the Huntsman

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

25 Jun 12

I never thought the brilliant acting history of Charlize Theron could be tainted thus...

If you want to see a good movie in this current movie season, you'd be better off going to see Brave. Expectations fell short. Charlize Theron does not suit her evil and melodramatic role as the queen (though in the trailers she is stunning) and some moments in the movie are like "Why?" Why so tense, over the smallest things? And, why is Snow the only one riding into battle without a helmet? Just, Why? I think all the right elements are there, it was simply a case of choosing the wrong director for this movie. Too epic in places when it is not important to the plot and to ad-hoc in parts which I thought were vital to the development of the storyline.

One last thing: There are many snort-worthy moments in this film that I can see the "How it should have ended" writers going crazy over. So out of all of this at least one good thing to come of it is a 3 minute ROFL over the next HISHE clip on youtube.