Snow White and the Huntsman

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

01 Jul 12

But, but, but. . .

If you didn't notice the horses, you may add a star.
For those who don't know. Horses that know they are going to fall raise their heads. Well trained stunt horses can fall spectacularly on cue, even landing on mark and holding still as required.
Twice I saw horses being forcibly yanked to the ground in the battle charge.
As for the white steed carried Snow White into the swamp. That horse was tripped using a wire. That's the only way to get that fall on cue and mark. Potentially fatal, even into a mud pool. It soured the whole movie for me.
As for the rest of it. Despite Charlize Theron's stand out performance it was just the wrong kind of silly. I didn't mind how it often looked like other movies but it had many nonsensical moments. Like Snow White, imprisoned since childhood, displaying considerable athleticism, equestrian skills and trousers during her escape.
At least Mirror Mirror came across as deliberately silly. An spoofy bit of fun for those in the mood.
Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

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