Snow White and the Huntsman

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

By Wice
12 Jul 12

It's a fairytale!

It's a fairytale. Don't expect more and you won't be disappointed. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman. Loved the 'wow' affects but 'woe is me' over Kirsten Stewart;s performance She seemed so awkward most of the time that her pretty little face was merely contorted into a very plain, if not ugly look of puzzlement rather than the required emotions. Charlize Theron was awesome as Queen Ravenna and Sam Spruell as her brother didn't do a bad job either with his hideous haircut adding to his sinister air. There was much more action than I expected but it was not bloody or gruesome, simply energetic and pacing! In contrast, there was little romance either. I made me think guys proably would like the movie too. For me, it was just the sort of entertainment I neededa ta the time to take meaway from the world for an our two, suspend my reality and just enjoy a bit of fantasy.