Review: Spectre

04 May 16

Bond falls from form

Alliteration aside going into this movie I was very excited, the trailer looked great and after possibly the best James Bond film in Skyfall I had high expectations.

The first thing I noticed was the Daniel Craig seemed to be phoning it in. The second thing I noticed was that Waltz's character was under used and when ever he was on screen he stole the show. He was great although the how they connected this film to the others was a little silly and I didn't buy into that.

It was a bit of a mess as well, badly paced and directed. It had glimpses of a good movie in there and perhaps Sam Mendes was just over doing Bond movies.

All is not lost for the Bond films going forward and I look forward to the next Bond, hoping for Idris Elba which would be a great leap for diversity although Tom Hiddleston would be good as well. There I go again, going off topic.