St. Vincent

St. Vincent


Love thy neighbour.

Bill Murray is the titular Vincent in this odd-couple comedy-drama. The bawdy war veteran grouch befriends a sweet kid struggling with his parents' divorce. Co-stars Melissa McCarthy as the boy's mother, Chris O'Dowd as a monk, and Naomi Watts as a pregnant Russian prostitute.

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Delivering laughs, pathos, and easy-going charm, St. Vincent is a good example of a film that doesn't aim to break new ground, but exceeds at being broadly entertaining.... More

It's mostly a compilation of moments you've seen before, and despite the odd left turn, things play out as you'd expect. It's made considerably more compelling though by Bill Murray's still-magnetic screen presence as the titular Vincent. It's hard to imagine anyone else making a character this irascible be so watchable.

St. Vincent doesn't aim for belly laughs, but it's consistently amusing, with a surprisingly dark streak of comedy running throughout. Plot developments that in lesser movies would have maximum angst wrung out of them are admirably shot through with wry humour.

Melissa McCarthy is endearing in her most restrained performance in a while, and Chris O'Dowd shows up in his 100th movie this year to add additional deadpan chuckles. McCarthy's son Oliver is played by newcomer Jaeden Lieberher, who easily holds his own next to Murray, selling the comedy and tugging the heartstrings.

Satisfying like a roast dinner without the need for any fancy garnishes or condiments, St. Vincent breezes along to a finale that, while somewhat predictable, should give even the most cynical viewer a dose of the warm fuzzies.Hide

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Great film, good from the get go. Pulls the heart strings and makes you laugh. Jaeden Lieberher did a great job in his role.

BY Gerd superstar

This is a deeply touching movie. The film encourages reading between the lines, where a lot of what’s wrong with our society today is exposed. Bill Murray is brilliant and the supporting cast is excellent.

BY Gaspardation superstar

The spark between the kid and the grandpa is really not enough. The film stirs some emotions which fade away as soon as you walk out of the cinema.

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  • With St. Vincent, the chief pleasure is comedy, which typically arises from waiting to discover what Bill Murray might do next. Full Review

  • St. Vincent has nothing on Rushmore, an obvious forebearer, even though it strains for the same egalitarian spirit of thrown-together family... Full Review

  • There is a contrivance to both story and script that grates, rubs up against Murray’s appeal as a loose cannon. Full Review

  • St. Vincent is even sappier and more committed to yanking heartstrings and manipulating emotions than Hyde Park On Hudson or The Monuments Men, and ultimately even more precious and treacly. Full Review

  • Will dodge your impulse to projectile vomit. For that, all hail Bill Murray who whacks away at the script's sentimental softballs like A-Rod in full swing. Full Review

  • Amusing enough... but ultimately reveals its true self as a film equivalent of the gooey 1971 Ray Stevens song "Everything Is Beautiful." Full Review

  • Murray's finest, funniest, meatiest performance since Lost In Translation - just a shame it's contained in such a lightweight dramedy. Full Review

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