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Steve Jobs


Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) open an unconventional window into the life of Steve Jobs. Michael Fassbender is the Apple genius, Seth Rogen is co-founder Steve Wozniak and Kate Winslet is Jobs' long-suffering assistant Joanna Hoffman. Based on the biography by Walter Isaacson.... More

The film is divided into three different eras, each depicting a key Apple product launch and the multiple conflicts Jobs succumbed to from family and colleagues. 1984 sees a voice demo of the Apple Macintosh, but a technical failure threatens to derail the entire showcase. 1988 sees the launch of the NeXT Computer, from the new company Jobs' founded. 1998 sees the launch of the iMac, a technological game-changer.Hide

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Even without its Ashton Kutcher-led predecessor, this Steve Jobs biopic would likely have suffered from the perception that there may be nothing left to say about the much-discussed Apple innovator. Thanks to the specific talent involved in the film, it does not live down to this perception at all.... More

Instead, it feels as vital and resonant in its own way as its cinematic cousin, The Social Network, with which it shares a screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin's unrivalled ability to boil down complex, wide-ranging arguments into quippy banter is perfectly aligned with this film's unique structure – it's set in the 40 or so minutes before product unveilings in 1984 (Macintosh), 1988 (NeXT) and 1998 (iMac), and no major component of Jobs' contradiction-filled life feels unaddressed.

Flashbacks within these three real-time sections give the film scope, and director Danny Boyle's gift/affection for multimedia informs the time-jumping transitions during which a lot of information is eloquently parcelled out.

The film's singular composition betrays Sorkin's affinity for metaphors – he unleashes a whole parade of them here, but it never gets tiresome.

Just as how interactions and showdowns were invented to fit the chronology of the film without undermining its power, lead Michael Fassbender's lack of a physical similarity to Jobs doesn't take away from his performance.

All respect to Leo, but Fassbender deserves an award just for getting through the dialogue here alone.Hide

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BY christinec superstar

98% of the movie consists of 2 people (Jobs & one other person) having extended conversations in the same room(s) of their presentation office. Was bored beyond belief. Fassbender and Winslet are great actors but couldnt save this

BY DnA superstar

Sadly this is not a biopic, it's untrue. Most of the conversations never happened. This is a work of fiction with Aaron Sorkin writing what he wanted instead of what happened. Once you read whats not true in this movie and see that Steve Wozniak said most of it never happened I ended up left with the sense that I'd just been had. It's unbelievable to think this kind of trash can see the light of day. And most of us will never know how untrue and misleading this is.

BY flapper123 superstar

It took me a while to figure out that the female lead was Kate Winslett and not Meryl Streep, She carried this film right through from start to finish with some fine acting from the rest of the cast namely, Seth Rogen and Fassbender.

Did not catch the previous films based on Steve Jobs, this movie I thought did a pretty good job at revealing a tiny bit of his life both professionally and personally and his relationships with the people around him.

I was in the cinema by myself and enjoyed... More the film immensely.Hide

BY woodycat nobody

The film was good and interesting but the film before this one JOBS was much better I thought. This version had the Hollywood made up feel about it. Not one for the DVD collection

BY Hiks wannabe

and I tend to agree with Abbey-Allpress. The film showed the same scenario pretty much over 3 acts. It was disappointing and I got bored during it. Kate Winslet was brilliant as per and Michael Fassbender, yeah, he played the very unlikeable Jobs extremely well.

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  • A smart, hugely entertaining film that all but bristles with crackling creative energy. Full Review

  • It is a formally audacious, intellectually energized entertainment, a powerful challenge to the lazy conventions of Hollywood storytelling and a feast for connoisseurs of contemporary screen acting. Full Review

  • Racing in high gear from start to finish, Danny Boyle's electric direction temperamentally complements Sorkin's highly theatrical three-act study, which might one day be fascinating to experience in a staged setting. Full Review

  • An enthralling performance by Michael Fassbender fuels this brilliant, infuriating and richly unconventional take on the life of an American visionary. Full Review

  • There's undeniable craftsmanship here, especially in Fassbender's confident and transformative performance, but Sorkin's script fails to shout and quip its way to anything approaching dramatic vibrancy. Full Review

  • This is a movie that never lets up or allows viewers to do anything but meet it with fearsome focus. Much like its subject. Full Review

  • For all its relevance and grandeur, Steve Jobs is ridiculously entertaining. You might say, user-friendly. Full Review

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