Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton


N.W.A - Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Easy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren - biopic, chronicling the group's rise in the mid-1980s in California. Striking terror into the hearts of conservatives and parents, N.W.A proved instantly controversial with their lyrics to songs like F--k da Police and their debut studio album Straight Outta Compton, one of the first to feature a Parental Advisory sticker. Co-produced by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

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A palpable sense of timely relevance helps this musical biopic overcome the formulaic traps that fell almost every other contemporary addition to the genre. Which isn't to say that Straight Outta Compton doesn't rely on biopic formula in its own way. But that said, the events on display have so much retroactive power, it's impossible not to pump your fist.... More

Director F. Gary Gray and his collaborators deserve credit for how successfully they have distilled N.W.A.'s overall ‘F**k You’ ‘tude into a populist celebration of speaking one's truth. Cinematic swagger is hard to pull off, but this film is overflowing with it.

The subsequent fates of the characters at the film's core (Dr Dre. Ice Cube and Eazy-E) undoubtedly inform the proceedings, but the film never resorts to ominous foreshadowing for its drama. Many of the individual moments work on their own terms. The early performance sequences are insane. Snoop Dogg is believable. Suge Knight is scary.

The tangible ass-kicking spirit that drives much of Straight Outta Compton makes it easier to forgive the film's complete lack of an ending of any kind – it pretty much just stops. But the power of what came before remains.

With Dre and Cube producers on the project, there's an undeniable element of self-mythologising to factor in, but that doesn't diminish the film either. This is some of the most bad-ass self-mythologising ever committed to screen.Hide

BY Mel superstar

One of the more striking things about this film, set during NWAs rise in the late 1980s - early 90s, is just how little things have changed. Most notably in a scene taking place during the riots following the Rodney King trial - stories of police brutality against unarmed African Americans are still all-too familiar.

The actors portraying the real-life members of NWA are immediately engaging, sharing a genuine chemistry that carries us through the film even when they quickly (and inevitably)... More go their separate ways.

The film is also very accessible - I'm not overly familiar with NWA's story, and certainly not familiar with the kind of world these young men lived in, but when they say "f**k tha police", you're right there with them.Hide

BY smileyface superstar

I know little of rap and hip hop but when subject matter is airbrushed to avoid the dirty laundry, it loses a star.
When F the police was released it was an import CD costing $30+ and was listened to in amazement as it is difficult to comprehend the racism, environment, and culture of the States from Wellington, New Zealand.
Movie is about 20 minutes too long although covering some raw emotions, performing egos, and famine vs feast scenarios.

BY bZard nobody

What a cutsie movie! Eazy-E is so loveable, just wanna pinch his cheeks. Ice-Cube, talk about Mr. Grumpy, and Doctor Dre; such an angel!
I was in my teens when Straight Outta Compton came out. It was hard and raw, and listening to it made you feel invincible like you were the Terminator or something. That was the feeling I was looking for when I saw this movie, but instead I get some watered-down Dre and Ice Cube can-do-no-wrong version of the truth, which was kinda boring, if the truth be... More told.
I was with these guys in their struggle, and admired the rebellious and political aspects of their music, but this aspect of the story was glossed over (Rodney King) etc, in exchange for a yawn-inducing life story of stuff that nobody really cares about any more.
I guess I should have seen it coming. After Ice-Cube left the group NWA turned into a bunch of misogynist a-holes who rapped about raping 14 year old girls in their car. Not something they probably want to highlight. Or the fact that Dr. Dre beat up on women, and all the stuff that might have put a less than favourable slant on this loveable little flick that mummy might enjoy.
The story is linear too, so no real surprises or real story arc or character development, and it drags on and on after the group splits up. The movie would have done better to talk about the rise of the group, and leave the fall down to history.
It rang true of my feelings the last two times I saw Ice Cube perform in NZ. That he'd become a parody of his former self. MC Ren isn't particularly happy with this version of the story, and it's ironic that Cube and Dre (producers) come out of this looking squeaky clean.
I just feel duped after all these years because I thought they were hard-core. Instead they are just potty-mouthed teddy-bears. Ughhh .... yawn.Hide

Was one of the better movies I've seen in 2015 it started off really strong although towards the end felt a bit rushed I won't go into that due to spoilers but I'd recommend it to anyone 4/5

BY morgy85 nobody

True story, a battle rapper I know once asked people on Facebook what their favourite rap album was, when I replied back outlining that mine was Straight Out of Compton his response was ‘props homie, you’re so white I thought it would be line dancing or something”.

So anyway slightly related story aside I was pretty excited when I heard there was an N.W.A movie coming out. For some reason though I was under the impression that it was a documentary. I was extremely pleased with the... More reality of what I actually got!

It was funny, eye-opening, and sad. Not once in the two and a half hour run time was I bored (and with my attention span that is saying something)! There has been criticism that it skipped over some of the more negative aspects of the members lives but overall I thought they certainly didn't paint themselves in the prettiest light either.

I guess the best recommendation I can give it is at lunchtime the day after I'd seen it I went to the music store and bought a brand new copy of Straight Out of Compton on CD!Hide

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  • Timeless in its depiction of how artists and writers transform the world around them... Full Review

  • What stands is an amazement, an electrifying piece of hip-hop history that speaks urgently to right now. Full Review

  • Potent and visceral in its depiction of street life and blinged-up excess alike, Straight Outta Compton delivers big beats of both kinds. Full Review

  • Soars for an hour before spiralling into a bloated, melodramatic mess. Still, it’s worth it for the early ferocity, capturing just how powerful N.W.A really were. Full Review

  • The first half of Straight Outta Compton... is bursting with energy, exuberance and inspiration. The second half is immobilised by bloat and sanctification. Full Review

  • It's rare that a band made famous by controversy can stay relevant even a few years on. But more than two decades later, N.W.A.'s music still has the power to shock and startle. Full Review

  • Wields its maximum impact in a gripping first half: where the group rapidly get their abrasive act together, then rush headlong at an unsuspecting world. Full Review

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