Jake Gyllenhaal is a Boston Marathon bombing victim helping police track down the killers while struggling to recover from devastating trauma.

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  • There are few actors in their 30s more well-rounded than [Jake] Gyllenhaal right now, as capable of taking on disturbing psychologies in aggressive indies as they are the lead roles in crowd-pleasing tearjerkers. Full Review

  • This isn't the positive movie many will want, but it's something better: a window into post-traumatic stress and exploded identity. Full Review

  • The movie is a straightforward, even familiar, tale of survival and recovery, but its grave respect for the unique extremity of its protagonist's ordeal cancels out any impulse toward exploitation. Full Review

  • "Stronger" takes more artistic risks than any other American-made "inspired by true events" picture I can recall. Full Review

  • Green looks for small but meaningful ways to complicate and deepen the well-trod story he's telling, and by the end, those complications help the film earn its uplift. Full Review

  • That Stronger, as unpleasant as it is, doesn't shy away from the complicated side of recovery is admirable to say the least. Full Review

  • Stronger is a film filled with warmth and humanity, but one that doesn’t sugarcoat the reality that comes with it. Full Review

  • A deeply human and often brutally honest depiction of trauma and recovery, anchored by three superb performances — though it often falls victim to formula. Full Review

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