Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are two socially-inept losers in their final days of high school, heavily dependent on each other, and anxiously awaiting the day they go their separate ways to different universities. This is their misguided attempts to reverse their life-long losing streak with the ladies in one panic-driven night…

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Reviewed by Andrew Hedley

Two socially-inept losers are enjoying their last few days of high school. Seth (Jonah Hill) is an angry lump, full of vulgarity and a desperate desire for those of the opposite sex. Underneath all that, of course, he’s a nice guy. Just like his best pal Evan (Michael Cera), who is the quieter, more considered one of the pair. This is the story of their all-out attempt to sleep with some girls at the end of year party. Add into the mix an uber-nerd who calls himself McLovin (It’s on his Hawaiian fake ID) and two inept cops (almost more inept than Chief Wiggum), and you’ve got one crazy night of alcohol-fuelled madness.

The good news is that it’s a funny film, with a broad range of comedy ranging from pussy jokes to some more subtle character acting. It’s the subtle stuff that works best. Michael Cera, in particular, pulls this off really well and the film’s best moments are all his. Probably best known as Jason Bateman’s son George Michael in the underrated sitcom Arrested Development, Cera is a very talented comedic actor who has honed awkwardness to perfection.

Another strength of Superbad is its cast of ordinary-looking actors. Evan and Seth both look like guys we all know, or probably even look like ourselves. Their clothing, in particular, is spot on. A hilarious moment is when McLovin wears a ridiculous waistcoat. “Take it off,” suggests Evan, “you look like Aladdin.” Even the girls aren’t ridiculously attractive, and this all adds to a sense of realism which has often been missing from teen comedies.

Seth Rogen, who played the lead in Knocked Up, was one of the writers on this and also plays one of the hapless cops. Unfortunately the cops aren’t quite as funny as the younger actors, so it’s a shame that they begin to take up much of the running time. Their climax, which results in them getting drunk and being irresponsible, is hilarious but too much time is spent getting there.

Dazed and Confused is still the best movie about the last days of high school, but Superbad has a good go. It’s funny, filled with real-looking likeable actors, and will definitely strike a chord with teenagers, or anyone who has even been one.

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It didn't have high expectations for this movie but was totally into the whole scene. It had me laughing out loud, sniggering to myself and cringing into my hoodie. A good one to go and see with mates - especially if you're older than 16.

this is suchh a crak up FIlm especially for guys nt so much foa gurls, myt b 2 rude 4 em lmao buhtt yer havnt laughed soo much in agess HIGHLY RECCOMMEND SEEEING IT :D:D haha

I love Judd Apatow films and laughed heaps at 40 Year Old Virgin and more recently Knocked Up so perhaps I had too higher hopes for Superbad?! I laughed out loud a few times and chuckled at other times but in all honesty, I was expecting more.

Just to let everybody know, Andrew Headly, an "official" reviewer walks a thin line. To give Superbad 3 stars is a disgrace. This is a five star, laugh out loud classic.

Certainly better than Ratatouille (which Andrew labels a "Master Piece").

Andrew please accept this as your first official warning.

Awful, awful, awful - don't waste your money on this film - even 11 year old boys would find watching this excruciating. Lacks both imagination and believability and is devoid of all subtle humour. Would be boring if not so cringe inducing.

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  • BBC

    Superbad is an absolute riot. There are more belly laughs here than you'll find in a dozen high-profile star vehicles. It's as if Mike Leigh decided to make a gross-out comedy. The young leads are utterly immersed in their characters (Mintz-Plasse, a complete newcomer, is jaw-droppingly brilliant), and there's a tangy, semi-improvised feel to the dialogue - this, you suspect, is exactly how horndog geeks really communicate... Full Review

  • Big chunks of Superbad are so crass I'm a bit ashamed to be caught slipping it as many as three stars. But, in fairness, you need to judge high school gross-outs with other parts of the body than the brain... Full Review

  • Michael Cera, as the ethical, respectful Evan, uses his soulful eyes to great effect, while Jonah Hill manages to evoke some sympathy for his crass vulgarian. Superbad is far too dirty-minded to be everyone's cup of tea, but for those not easily offended by phallic obsessions and immature musings on sex, it's a funky treat with a lot of soul, especially in its '70s soundtrack. If you like the idea of American Pie mixed with a strong dose of South Park, Superbad is the Supergood treat for you... Full Review

  • Some of the patter is funny, but the movie lacks the clever plot developments and the character nuances of a classic like "American Graffiti." And it's missing the belly laughs of earlier raunchfests "American Pie" and "There's Something About Mary"... Full Review

  • The bawdy jokes score big points, but it's the rueful acknowledgement of adolescent embarrassment and humiliation that most distinguishes Superbad, another ultra-raunchy and commercial sex comedy from the Judd Apatow laugh factory... Full Review

  • Superbad is duly ribald and often achingly funny, brewed from the now-familiar Apatow house blend of go-for-broke slapstick and instantly quotable, potty-mouthed dialogue... Full Review