Superman Returns

Review: Superman Returns

By Aaron
04 Aug 06


The 'comic book superhero' genre has been fruitful soil for the big studios in the recent past, with no shortage of adaptations hitting the big screen, often with mixed results in terms of quality & box office revenue generated.
Superman Returns stands out from the pack as a big budget blockbuster which melds explosive action sequences with a story which carries emotional weight, and features fleshed-out characters which resonate due to the quality performances of the cast.
Brandon Routh brings a new depth to Superman, & endows this son of Krypton with a universally human qualities that we can all relate to. Kevin Spacey mixes comic nuances with bursts of psychotic violence as Lex Luthor. Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane as a regular woman, rather than the prissy charicature.
And when Superman Returns swings into action mode, the big set pieces really deliver.
Superman Returns is a winner on all levels.