Superman Returns

Review: Superman Returns

By Erin
16 Aug 06


Having heard fairly negative feedback regarding the latest Superman flick, I entered the movie preparing to be disappointed, however this was not the case.

From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat, totally in awe of the brilliant special effects and the perfectly chiseled body of Routh! He made a brilliant Superman, partly due to the fact that he is a relatively unknown actor and because of his startling resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Bosworth did a good job as Lois Lane and had great chemistry with Routh, however she was perhaps a bit too timid and waif-like to be taken seriously. Kevin Spacey made a convincing evil villain as Lex Luther and Sam Huntington was adorable as Jimmy.

I'm happy that Bryan Singer chose to take a different angle on the infamous Superman story, having Superman return after 5 years in space, yet he still managed to stay true to the original through the use of the musical score and the characters. The best part of the film was the effects, particularly the opening plane rescue scene and the scenes of Superman above metropolis. All up, it was a brilliant film, with a perfect mix of action and emotion and I definately recommend it for both men and women. Fingers crossed that they continue this story with a sequel!