Superman Returns

Review: Superman Returns

By Dave
16 Aug 06


This movie seemed more like an inferior remake of the exellent 1978 Donner original, including the basic "real estate" storyline involving Luthor. Routh was surprisingly good as Superman, though he looked "boyishly" young in certain scenes. Bosworth is beautiful, but was totally miscast as the new Lois and way too young to be credible in this role. The beginning of this movie did have one of the best superhero rescue scenes ever shown on the big screen. Aside from that, too much homeage was payed to the original 1978 movie, including dialogue, similar scenes, and what seemed like an identical musical score which I really didn't mind too much. Donner must feel like his ideas were basically stolen from him, and then watched as they were inserted into a long, dark, foreboding story full of emotional despair.

A Superman movie should be bright and give us cheer and renewed hope by the ending credits. In "SR", Superman became a burglar, a peeping Tom, an absentee father, and nearly an adulterer all in one fell swoop. Super-kid? What the hell were the writers thinking? NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS CRAP IN A SUPERMAN MOVIE, BRYAN! GET OVER YOUR EGO, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE FAN FEEDBACK, AS THESE ARE THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL WATCH A GOOD SUPERMAN MOVIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN, AND WILL SUPPORT IT BY WORD OF MOUTH! With 200 million plus dollars ( countless wasted millions went into actual movie scenes that weren't even included in the theatrical release ), we should have had an ORIGINAL movie whose special effects AND storyline should have blown us out of our seats! We were waiting for this for almost two decades. After the exellent rescue scene at the beginning, what happened? It's not a mystery as to why this is not doing as well at the box office as was hoped by the movie studio, and NO, Bryan Singer, it was NOT poor advertising of this movie before its first release....the trailers were actually very good. Give the movie goers some IQ credit.

The movie did not do as well as was expected because the story and its sub-elements were flawed from the start. These other "reviews" are puzzling. If the movie was as good as other reviews are saying it is, then this movie should have done better. It didn't. At this point, the studios aren't even sure they'll make any sequels. Shameful.