Taken 3

Taken 3


It ends here.

Liam Neeson and Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton return for this chapter, which concludes the trilogy. This time, our 'skilled' father finds himself on American soil, pursued by the law...... More

Ex-covert operative Bryan Mills' (Neeson) reconciliation with his ex-wife is tragically cut short when she is brutally murdered. Consumed with rage, and framed for the crime, he goes on the run to evade the relentless pursuit of the CIA, FBI and the police. For one last time, Mills must use his “particular set of skills,” to track down the real killers, exact his unique brand of justice, and protect the only thing that matters to him now – his daughter.Hide

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Taken and Taken 2 were simple stories set up as a means to show Liam Neeson as a sympathetic badass trying to save his daughter from human traffickers. The last we saw of Bryan Mills (Neeson), he was warned by the father of the kidnapper that two more sons will seek revenge. Taken 3 has absolutely nothing to do with that.... More

Instead, this third outing now has Bryan running from the law when someone TAKES his ex-partner’s life and frames him for it. There’s also a Russian criminal mastermind, Detective Forest Whitaker and some guy named Stuart to fill out the needlessly complicated plot, all of which take attention away from our main man.

Director Olivier Megaton maintains the same lack of skill in displaying action sequences that he showed in the second film. Whether it’s an on-foot chase, hand-to-hand combat or a multi-man shootout, the results are the same: a badly edited mess of frames that cram in ten shaky-cam shots per second. It’s how I’d imagine an over-caffeinated Tony Scott would shoot a Transformer-less Transformers film.

Worst of all, our man Bryan is no longer the intellectual, sympathetic hero he was in the previous two films. His lack of forethought is everywhere, from the fingerprints he leaves on his ex-wife’s murder weapon to the highway pile-up he causes filled with innocent people. He also shows no remorse for poisoning his pregnant daughter or putting her in a vehicular crash. Presumably, the only reason she’s even carrying a baby is so something else can be T4ken.Hide

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BY Brendan3 superstar

Decent plot, good action scenes and much like the first two its all about catching the bad guy if you liked the first two you will enjoy this one just as much

BY arlem grader

This is one of those movies that follows the formula of its predecessors. Unfortunately, the hero is has got older and just seems less credible and what this film needed was some young blood and maybe a more intelligent twist. The action scenes are passable but if you are expecting anything more than the same old same old you'll be disappointed.

BY beans lister

If you want an action flick that doesn't require any brain cells to follow it after a hard week at work, this is it. Don't expect anything new or fancy, it was just ok.

BY RealityCheck superstar

Big on action an very similar to the other Taken (like Die Hard & The Hangover series). Imagine the combination of ‘The Fugitive’, ‘In Time’, an ‘Die Hard’ and of course the same little one liners, just in different orders. But seriously, what happened to the Albanians dad/brothers that Brian knocked off in the first & second one? As always, mostly revenge but with a watch if you’re into it.
Honestly, I liked it, not great, but good. Just not sure most people will... More appreciate the way it moves and say how it just reflects the same action as the first two, and fails to take us on a different journey, therefore, boring.
Genre : Action, thriller,
1/5 : sorry Brian, but stick a fork in it, your awesome & you have an amazing set of skills, but your done.Hide

BY MissP superstar

This series started out so good, I have no idea what happened but for some reason this was some of the worst writing I've seen in a long time.

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  • Taken 3 scores over its predecessor on almost every level: the stakes are higher, the LA locations are nicely photographed and, best of all, there’s an actual plot, with twists and everything. Full Review

  • Megaton’s choppy editing barely disguises his star’s hatred of running, while a brutal 12A neutering lessens what limited fun remains in seeing Oscar Schindler creakily throw a Russian bad ‘un into some supermarket shelves. Full Review

  • Taken 3: Seriously? Full Review

  • A mind-numbing, crash-bang misfire that abandons chic European capitals for the character’s own backyard. Full Review

  • Besson's team has signed off the trilogy with a whimper rather than the kind of unfettered bang delivered by the first two films. Full Review

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