Taken 3

Review: Taken 3

30 Jan 15

Taken The Skills Away

Big on action an very similar to the other Taken (like Die Hard & The Hangover series). Imagine the combination of ‘The Fugitive’, ‘In Time’, an ‘Die Hard’ and of course the same little one liners, just in different orders. But seriously, what happened to the Albanians dad/brothers that Brian knocked off in the first & second one? As always, mostly revenge but with a watch if you’re into it.
Honestly, I liked it, not great, but good. Just not sure most people will appreciate the way it moves and say how it just reflects the same action as the first two, and fails to take us on a different journey, therefore, boring.
Genre : Action, thriller,
1/5 : sorry Brian, but stick a fork in it, your awesome & you have an amazing set of skills, but your done.