Tara Road

Tara Road

Based on the Oprah’s Book Club novel by Maeve Binchy. Love, life, despair & renewal. Quite likely, a borefest – though starring the very underrated Olivia Williams.

These two things happen: Marilyn’s (MacDowell) life is devastated by the accidental death of her 15 year old son in New England; and 3,000 miles away in Ireland, Ria’s (Williams) marriage collapses when her hubby runs off with a pregnant mistress. Then, an accidental phone call brings the two unrelated women together and they, in their mutual need for space and time alone, agree to a house exchange. Both women hope to find strength & new beginnings in their new surroundings.

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Good movie - short piece of the novel that they filmed was pretty close to the story - unashamedly a chic flick but the guy behind me was heard to mutter "Tosser" about one of Danny's antics.

OK this is a chick flick - I'm a chick - I liked it.

Even if it did have Andie MacDowell in it....

(I even watched it with my Mum!)

See this with your mum! It's great - like a perfect Sunday novel!

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  • Never quite clicks, but makes a sincere attempt to reveal observations about the complexity of grief, creating a few funny moments alongside moving scenes that reduced Mum to tears. Unashamedly, a chick flick.... Full Review