Tears of the Sun

Tears of the Sun


He was trained to follow orders. He became a hero by defying them.

Action-drama starring Bruce Willis (Die Hard series, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as a US Navy Seal who must extract a civilian doctor from Nigerian civil war.... More

A rescue operation in war-torn Nigeria turns into a fight for survival behind enemy lines when the US military declares the country a no-fly zone, leaving Lieutenant A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis) stranded. He must find a way to complete his mission - bringing Dr. Lena Kendricks (Monica Bellucci, Matrix trilogy) home safely - as well as rescuing the 70 refugees in her care.Hide

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33% of critics recommend.
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  • ...a film constructed out of rain, cinematography and the face of Bruce Willis. Full Review

  • Recognisably a Bush-era film, for the way it preaches interventionism on humanitarian grounds... present-day equivalent of a John Wayne movie, but it's a good yarn, and the production values are top-notch. Full Review