Review: Ted

15 Jul 12

Ted - huggable

Great title an thats where the laughing began, not stopping till Patrick Stewart stopped. Seth did a fantastic childish job on this movie, much like 'Something Something Something Darkside' 'It's a Trap' 'Family Guy' 'American Dad', etc, of cause because they're all done by same guy! With a similar story to 'You, Me and Dupree', but chuck in a talking bear! The usual traits of social and pop culture references sprinkled throughout. Really this film is a guy beast, but a funny girl with love it too, is got a love story in it as well, somewhere. One liners all the way through and flowed so well seemed like a tv episode. Cast, crew, everyone did great job, even Ryan Renolds.
Genre : Comedy, fantasy, growth
5/5 : Its perfect for this adult comedy, provided you enjoy Seth MacFarlane's humour, I do (-: