Review: Ted

By DnA
24 Jul 12

Funnier if you're 18 &

This film is mis-rated. Should be a R16. My wife and 18 year old daughter wanted to walk out and give it a 2 but crass. My 13 year old gave it 4 stars.

Lots of funny lines and jokes which is a real plus. If you like Family Guy and would like something a little cruder and derogatory to woman then this would suit you. 18 year olds who get excited seeing breasts or faces ejaculated on would find this up their alley.

The censor got it wrong. He assumed that a teddy bear having sex with some stunning looking lady makes it more acceptable. My biggest problem with the movie is that it is mis-rated.

Sexual references are all over the place particularly the un PC kind. Overall this is a gag reel with a story attached. Well hardly a story.

It's about a guy who's a loser, acts like a prat and not worth the time of day and his loyal girlfriend that should really find another guy. The loser breaks promise after promise and still she doesn't leave. Doormat should be plastered on Mila Kunis head for this movie. Finally after the audience gets to dislike Mark Wahlberg (unless you're 18 in which case he's probably your hero) she dumps him. Only to take him back when he realizes he stuffed up and tells her. Then having got rid of the bear she takes him back as well. The girl in this film is the epitome of stupid. She never liked him because he was a good guy just because he looked good. And finally she takes him back when he has loser tattooed across his head.

I love some of Seth MacFarlane's stuff and I would have been kinder to this film if it had a R16 rating. By kinder 2 1/2 to 3 stars.

Pity really, this could have so easily been a 5 star movie if it took the time to stay out of the gutter, not be so degrading to women and had a better story line. This movie is a celebration of the guy who is a loser and lives life to the full in his own mind.

Personally I think they could have hung the gags around a better script. The crap that Wahlberg dished out went on for too long.