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John C. Reilly stars in this outsider-comedy about a large 15-year-old kid struggling through life in a small town. More

"Not all the oddballs in this gentle, but sharply calibrated comedy of high school freak-hood are students: Mr Fitzgerald, the nervy vice-principal, suspects that he’s as big a loser as any of them. Played with sputtering comic brilliance by John C. Reilly, Fitzgerald even sees something of himself in Terri (Jacob Wysocki), a lonely watchful, giant tub of a boy so inured to schoolyard taunts that he turns up to class in his pyjamas.  When Terri and his new friends party it up, the air crackles with potential – and that includes the potential for any one of them to flame out." (Souce: NZ International Film Festival 2011)

2011105 minsUSA

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