The Adjustment Bureau

Review: The Adjustment Bureau

30 Jan 12


The marketing lied (who knew?) If this was sold as a romance it'd be far less of a let-down. Think THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE - that sort of romantic flic with a sci-fi flavour. just a small flavouring, mind you. It's also a free will vs fate kinda message movie - watered down to appease Christians, Buddhists, Hindus - hell, just about every religious persuaison and atheists who are into Karma too. It's ok. Nothing more. But see it for what it is - a romance - and you'll be a lot lot less disappointed than this movie-goer. BLADE RUNNER it ain't. ROMEO & JULIET in Proyas' DARK CITY it is... sort of... Anyway, it's a romance flic, ok?