The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

By Jordan
24 Apr 14

The Web Gets A Little Unstuck

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ impressed the audience so much on its first outing, like comic-fans they forgave it for retroactively adjusting Spider-Man’s continuity.

With this blooming success and an audience wanting more, we see the sequel coming 2 years after the previous with it setting Spidey on a path for running into foes bigger, badder and more powerful than a giant lizard.

The primary cast returns, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone returning to the roles they almost seem born for as ‘Peter Parker’ and ‘Gwen Stacy’. Dane DeHaan of ‘Chronicle’ fame joins the franchise as ‘Harry Osborn’ with Jamie Foxx as antagonist ‘Electro’, and Sally Field again playing ‘Aunt May’.
Paul Giamatti also has a nice cameo as ‘Aleksei Stysevich’, a character who has already been confirmed by the actor to return for future films.

If you collect the entirety of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ as the result, it’s a good movie with a lot of parts coming together to make the most ‘Spider-Manny’ film we’ve seen yet.
But at the same time, it seems to fall under the same curse of Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ where there is a little bit too much happening. This can disappear under the amazing cinematography of the film, which can be vertigo inducing in some scenes.
Yet it can’t escape the way it attempts to tie multiple plot-points together for it’s dramatic conclusion.
The modernization of the relationship between Peter and Gwen almost waters down what they have with one another, but again, the movie has another saving grace, with this of-course being the chemistry between Garfield and Stone.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ is not a bad film, but it’s also not a good one. The stories torn apart could each make a good one, and this is possibly why the franchise now has 3 films coming out.
But compared to part 1, this one is like its new Spider-Suit trying to pretty up some of the webbing that becomes unstuck.