The Aristocrats

The Aristocrats


A ridiculously stellar assembly of comedians (from Seinfeld's Jason Alexander to Chris Rock to Bob Sagat) compete to spin the most taboo-busting variations on the same joke - a classic backstage funny about the filthiest family act in show business. Hosted by the not so funny Penn & Teller.

The documentary - renowned for being disgusting, at times offensive, and very funny - also interviews this list of legends to deconstruct the joke, as well analyze the nature of performing comedy.

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So a film that actually meantions the Dirty Sanchez... what can you say to that :P

Best you like feral potty language and inapropriate acts (which I do) before you trott of to see this.

Moments of knicker wetting hillarity, but many moments of ok.. give it a rest dull now..

Though a couple of moments one in particular had me and my friend on the cinema floor snorting.. (no I am not kidding)

Great film to take your Mum to, NOT.. well maybe.. as that... More would be funnyHide

If there was minus star rating I would give it.

I didnt find this 'doco' funny in the slighest. The 'comedians' were obviously trying to be shocking - I found it (if you excuse the pun) shite.

Perhaps it t better after the first 15 minutes when I walked out?? I very much doubt it.

Sorry to say there was no knicker wetting moments for me : (

(I'll leave it there! ; )

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80% of critics recommend.
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  • Guaranteed to offend, but also guaranteed to leave you in spasms of laughter. Full Review

  • Obscene, disgusting, vulgar and vile, The Aristocrats might be the funniest movie you'll ever see. Full Review

  • It's billed as obscene, disgusting, vulgar, vile and funny. Whether the last of those epithets applies, particularly after the first 10 minutes, may be a matter of taste. Full Review

  • As long as it stayed mainstream dirty it was okay, but when it t into perversions the American Psychiatric Society hasn't even named yet, it left me behind. Full Review

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