The A-Team

Review: The A-Team

27 Jan 12

A for Average

Joe Carnahan directed the brilliant 'Narc' and the violently fun'Smokin' Aces' but it seems in a desperate bid to sell-out and make something for all - he's come acropper. Is this for kids? Is it for adults? Both? It just doesn't know what it is. Big and loud, frenetic and sometimes fun - this is a movie in dire need of a script. Things blow up but it's all so Michael Bay and you just don't care enough to stop looking at your watch. Think BAD BOYS 2 or TRANSFORMERS 2 or 3... And if you liked them, you may just like this. Highly forgettable but fun if you leave your brain behind to watch something else on TV while you go see this popcorn muncher... Shame. This could have been a great TV to movie experience :(