The Avengers

Review: The Avengers

11 Jun 12

Just A Marvel ;)

So, I've seen this film three times now - and I can honestly say it was worth every dollar I spent! Seeing it in 2D is just as good as seeing it in 3D, although there are some seriously cool shots that you should DEFINITELY see in 3D if you can.

Things I particularly picked up on the 2nd and 3rd times around were just the amazing subtlety of the actors in playing their respective roles - all the little gestures they make, it all fits so *perfectly* with their characters... love it! I was also able to enjoy the action sequences in a different way because I didn't have to concentrate so much on the plot - I could just kick back and 'marvel' (hehee) at the EPICNESS.

So, errr, yes. In case you didn't see my 3D review - JUST WATCH THIS FILM! :D