The Ballad Of Jack And Rose

The Ballad Of Jack And Rose

Jack, an aging hippy, has had a life of failed experiments. There's the free-love marriage that ended when his wife walked out, the shared-property commune that his fellow utopians eventually abandoned, and finally, the losing battle with a fatal disease.

Now, as Jack lives out his last months in their isolated complex, his only success has been fathering a 16-year-old daughter, Rose (Belle), a sheltered young innocent raised on his values. Hopelessly devoted to her father, Rose has sworn to kill herself when Jack dies. Time for another experiment.

Jack invites single mother, Kathleen (Keener) and her sons to enter his private domain. But Rose resents the disruption and envies for her father's attention.

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  • Has a measure of gravity, but too much abrupt, even melodramatic behavior and undigested psychological matter leave nagging dissatisfactions... Full Review