The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski


The Coen brothers' comedy masterpiece and cult classic, a Chandler-esque mystery involving The Dude (Jeff Bridges), Walter (John Goodman), Donny (Steve Buscemi), a ransom, nihilists, a millionaire and his avante-garde artist daughter, bowling and a rug that really tied the room together.

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Just look see the 5 stars and watch the movie.

Just an absolutely brilliant film... 10 on 10 classic.

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80% of critics recommend.
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  • Weirdly engaging, like its hero. Full Review

  • In a perfect world all movies would be made by the Coen brothers. Full Review

  • As tempting as it is to completely dismiss The Big Lebowski, it's hard to do because the Coens are able to create wickedly funny eccentrics and possess the ability to energize certain actors to inhabit them completely. Full Review

  • This plot need not be taken too seriously. Watching it amble along is enough of a treat, since the Coens populate this story with oddballs and bowling balls of such comic variety. Full Review

  • Magnificent. A multiplex-friendly critics' movie in the stripped-down Blood Simple/Fargo style, but with a more restrained hint of Raising Arizona slapstick. A crime-sex-drugs-kidnap-bowling-nihilism mystery of the highest order. Full Review

  • BBC

    It's the wealth of great characters and their insane dialogue that make this a memorable film. Full Review