The Birds

The Birds

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Hitchcock’s thriller/horror masterpiece about nature gone berserk. Thousands of birds inexplicably and violently attack a sleepy seaside town. Stars Tippi Hedren in her first Hitchcock film. More

Beautiful blonde Melanie (Hedren) rolls into Bodega Bay in pursuit of bachelor Mitch (Rod Taylor). Her arrival mysteriously coincides with the feathered phenomenon. Massive flocks of birds prey on school-children and residents in a series of attacks. Soon Mitch and Melanie are fighting for their lives against a force that can't be stopped.

1963Rating: PG, contains violence115 minsUSA
Alfred Hitchcock ('Pyscho', 'North by Northwest', 'Rear Window')
Tippi HedrenRod TaylorSuzanne PleshetteJessica TandyVeronica Cartwright

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