The Blind Side

Review: The Blind Side

By V
11 May 10

Quinton Aaron was oustanding!

There is something to be said about movies based on true-life events and what they do to inspire one to examine their values of selflessness and humanitarianism. It certainly had me thinking about whether I would be brave enough to do the same if I was in such a position. Quinton Aaron did a great job portraying the innocence and vulnerability of Big Mike(similar to that of Keisha Castle-Hughes as Paikea in "Whale Rider"). His character was more believable than Sandra Bullocks unfortunately (and I'm a huge Sandra fan), and even more so to the "optimist view" of some of the events around acceptance in the plot - like the carefree way Big Mike was taken home the first time, and the lack of real concern for the family's safety with a stranger in the house. However, aside from that - I actually enjoyed watching the movie unfold and evolve whilst wondering how the expected happy ending was to unveil!