The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring


If you can't be famous, be infamous.

Sofia Coppola's (SomewhereLost in Translation) Cannes-nominated comedy-drama, starring Emma Watson. This is the true story of a group of fame-obsessed Los Angeles teenagers, known as The Bling Ring, who robbed the homes of Hollywood celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton - in Hilton's case several times.... More

The Bling Ring stole around $3 million in cash and belongings from their victims in less than twelve months and reportedly targeted more than 50 homes. As well as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, their victims included Audrina Partridge, Rachel Bilson, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.Hide

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While perhaps the least distinctive film Sofia Coppola has made, placing less emphasis on visual style and use of music than one would expect, The Bling Ring is sufficiently entertaining – just – to overcome its lightweight feel. Like Spring Breakers before it, you can’t help but cringe at how it would have been handled by other directors and as with Harmony Korine’s film, the shallowness of youth is on full display. Coppola doesn’t go for shock value, but brings a touch of believability to proceedings – no doubt informed to some extent by her own Hollywood upbringing.

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  • Might be a film for right now rather than the ages, but Sofia Coppola's heist movie is visually arresting, well acted, capricious fun. Full Review

  • There is something in Coppola's weightless, affectless portrayal of their crime spree that is very effective, and this is a film whose interest definitely grows on a second viewing. Full Review

  • Coppola's attitude toward her subject seems equivocal, uncertain... she seems far too at home in the world she depicts to offer a rewarding critique of it. Full Review

  • A film about teenagers, crime, celebrity, LA, the internet and the cinema. These still waters run very deep indeed. Full Review

  • Occupies a vertiginous middle ground between banality and transcendence, and its refusal to commit to one or the other is both a mark of integrity and a source of frustration. Full Review

  • Once the initial thrill of riding shotgun to these robberies starts to fade, the audience has little to do but wallow in amorality. Full Review

  • Sharp and shiny as the jewellery its twisted teens pilfer, Coppola’s cautionary tale eschews action for angsting about celeb-obsessed culture. Full Review

  • Always adept at directing young performers, Coppola encourages fine work here from her cast of mostly newcomers, with Watson taking special relish in shedding her goody-two-shoes "Harry Potter" persona. Full Review

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