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The Bounty

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Swashbuckling, high-seas adventure with Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson, directed by Roger Donaldson (The World's Fastest Indian). More

William Bligh (Hopkins), a real life sea captain who, in 1787, steered The Bounty on a 27,000 mile voyage into danger, chaos and madness. After 31 days of battling severe sea squalls and Bligh's ever increasing cruelty, the weary crew is relieved to finally and on a remote island. But soon their tyrannical captain wants to sail again and the desperate men turn to first mate Fletcher Christian (Gibson) to help take the ship by force - or die trying.

1984Rating: PG, contains low level violence132 minsUK, USA
AdventureDramaTrue Story & Biography
Roger Donaldson ('The World's Fastest Indian', 'Cocktail', 'The Bank Job', 'The Recruit', 'Species')
Anthony HopkinsMel GibsonLaurence OlivierLiam NeesonBernard HillEdward FoxDaniel Day-LewisPhilip DavisJohn SessionsWi Kuki Kaa

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