The Cabin In The Woods

The Cabin In The Woods


Genre conventions are turned on their head in this meta-horror written by geek God Joss Whedon (The Avengers)...... More

Five college friend cliches (the jock, the hottie, the pot-smoking conspiracy theorist etc) stay in a remote cabin in the woods when ghostly and murderous events begin to unfold. Stars Anna Hutchison (Go Girls) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) alongside Oscar-nominated Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) and Bradley Whitford from The West Wing.Hide

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Being on information lockdown for the past two years or however long it’s been really paid off here – as did seeing The Cabin in the Woods in the Civic. Hilarious and engrossing, I can’t imagine any horror fan not loving the film, and Joss Whedon pulls the same trick he did with The Avengers in putting so much winning personality on the big screen that even people only vaguely familiar with the genre will be won over. A great one-off idea brilliantly executed.

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BY daveyboy lister

A cleverly twisted horror movie that doesn't need to be terrifying to be good. Does a similar thing to the horror genre as 'Scream' did back in the 90s. Surprises me how this movie wasn't made 20 years ago - totally original.

BY Coraliee superstar

Sorry - it was boring! So so so boring!

No Spoilers. This movie completely succeeded by expectations. One of the most original and entertaining horror movies i have ever seen!!! Acting writing directing is all fantastic and i highly recommend this to anyone who is waiting for a good horror movie. A superb directorial debut from Drew Goddard. I wont say too much on the movie because i do not want to give anything away. Just go see it for yourself!
Also dont believe any of the bad reviews you read, they are WRONG! They are written by... More people who think by giving a movie that has gathered universal acclaim and praise, a negative review makes them superior to the general population. I have not read one convincing negative review (though i do not waste my time looking for them.)
Do yourself a favour and do not research the movie before you go see it because you are in for a suprise!Hide

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