The Congress Alex-Casey'S REVIEW

The Congress begins as a jibey sci-fi, using the hi-tech scanning of actress Robin Wright into the eternal database of ‘Miramount’ Studios to poke fun at fame, ageing, acting and movies in general. The film then delves deep into your retinas to pierce straight into the brain as it becomes an animated futuristic hell-zone examining states of consciousness, life, death and choice. It flits between hallucinatory animation and ‘reality’, giving small moments of relief and attempting to anchor the story in a desolate Los Angeles.

The animation sequences are astounding but unfortunately stir up the eyeballs so much that it becomes difficult to focus on the ‘real’ world of the film (perhaps intentionally). Imagine eating a lot of cheese and then falling asleep with your head in a blender inside a well-lit Iko Iko store. That’s what it felt like.