The Da Vinci Code

Review: The Da Vinci Code

02 Aug 06


Thou shall not make a big friggin deal of my life! This movie didn't get my pulse racing - maybe cos I aint a christian or maybe cos I havent read the book or maybe cos I already knew what the main controversy about the movie was (You know the thing that christians are complaining about? Yes that thing about Jesus being married and all, oh and being a jew) The movie wasn't confusing at all but the seemed like a very amateur ose chase flick with the ending twist not being a major twist at all. Sorta like M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. It makes you wanna ; "meh!". Bettanys' Opus Dei monk is menacing at times (even more menacing than Tom Hanks' new hair) Ian Mckellen's performance was the best thing in this movie. Alfred Molina has very little to do and Audrey Tautou is very cute. But it would have been a more realistic movie if she had been played by Halley Berry. 1000 points for the person who guess's why. Time for another controversial best selling novel anyone?