The Dark Knight Rises

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

22 Jul 12

This won't be popular but...

...I came out of The Dark Knight Rises with, well, a shrug. An all around feeling of "meh". Which has only been amplified by my recent re-watching of The Dark Knight (which is far from a perfect film itself).

I'll be brief and try to keep things as spoiler-free as possible, but nothing really made a whole lot of sense to me with Rises. Not Batman's leave of absence, not the villains or their ridiculous plan, and certainly not the end.

With his previous Bat-films Nolan has at least seemed like he's been engaging with larger themes but with Rises there's just no clear sense of any larger idea behind it all. The story is also, once again, a bit of a mess and really overly-complicated.

I'm still sorting through my own thoughts on the film but the best I can say at the moment? It wasn't bad.