The Dark Knight Rises

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

02 Aug 12

Blown Away!!!!!

I walked into the cinema with a few reservations as i am sure many did.
The Dark Night was amazing, it would take something special from Mr Nolan to top that movie. Thankfully he once again outdid himself. The Dark Night Rises was fantastic, i was completely blown away with the whole movie. I was so amazed with Tom Hardys portrayal of Bane, who gives Heath Ledgers Joker performance a run for his money. Im not an Anne Hathaway fan and thought she was the wrong choice for catwoman. However i was pleseantly suprised with her performance, not completely convinced but she wasnt bad. The whole movie was executed perfectly, back up from strong emotional performances from the entire cast.
Mr Nolan once again you have outdone yourself, and have ended your fantastic trilogy with a powerful and thoughtful ending.