The Dark Knight Rises

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

02 Aug 12

An OK film

Definitely the third best Batman movie I have seen.
Main positive was Joseph Gordon Levitt. Been a massive fan of his ever since I saw Brick and it is good that he is getting some good roles. Wasn't a huge fan of the final Anne Hathaway also looked good in the catsuit and seemed to be having fun but she was one of a few fairly underdeveloped characters.

The biggest letdown was definitely Bane. I really like Tom Hardy and he was certainly physically impressive but the voice was so off putting. A weird blend of Sean Connery and Darth Vader with the accent changing constantly through the film. Also the final few minutes that he was in the film were really anticlimatic and made a little bit of mockery of the pre film claims that he was going to be a physical and mental challenge to Batman. Totally lacked the presence of the Joker as a true arch villain.

All that said, Nolan is like Tarantino in the sense that he is incapable of making a film that is not interesting and I did enjoy it as a solid action film. Just wasn't in the class of his other recent efforts