The Dark Knight

Review: The Dark Knight

By Marty
28 Jul 08

Smiles All Round

Class. The action and stunt spectacles keep this one rolling throughout its extended length, and the movie is put together with that kind of precision which Christopher Nolan pulls off in every movie he makes.

What made Batman Begins so good was its authenticity. The villain in the first movie had a lot of depth, and you could get to grips with why Liam Neeson and Batman were at odds. That same depth doesn't quite register here, as the villain is merely a barmy psychotic, but Nolan and his amazing Joker Heath Ledger pull out all the stops to try to get you to envelope yourself in the mind of the psycho.

Ledger's performance is simply one of the most astonishing seen for some time. You end up hanging on every raspy word.