The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

Based on the best-seller by Wiesberger, who denies writing it as a poison-pen letter to her former boss: Vogue magazine's notoriously difficult editor-in-chief Anna Wintourthe.

Story follows aspiring journalist Andrea (Hathaway), a small-town girl in her first job out of college, who tries to navigate the waters of the high-powered fashion magazine world - while surviving her impossibly demanding new boss, Miranda Priestly (the great & hilarious Streep, in a highly praised performance).

"Does it bite the fashion hand that feeds it? You bet. But it also pays due respect to the artful details turning the wheels of an industry that only seems frivolous. There's no doubt Andy learns much from watching Miranda at work, even with all the insults and fool's errands" Rolling Stone.

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The bad boss is a very universal syndrome. But Meryl Streep's take on the bad boss in The Devil Wears Prada really is something to behold. For starters she manages to constantly hint that Miranda Priestly, fashion magazine editor at large, might be human. She never really quite gets there though, as shown through the hellish experience of her latest victim/employee Andrea (Anne Hathaway).

The gossip says that Miranda is a thinly veiled caricature of Anna Wintour, nicknamed Nuclear Wintour, the editor of American Vogue. And the 'Runway' editor does share a lot of Wintour’s characteristics: the Hermes scarves, the oversized sunglasses and the bevy of assistants. Based on a huge selling novel by a former Vogue slave, this film manages to escape pure chick lit-ism for something more substantial, largely due to the Streep/Hathaway combo. Hathaway, who smiled prettily through the Princess Diaries One and Two, gives Andrea gusto and grit, managing to keep her journalism major turned personal assistant believable. Streep is fantastic as Miranda, obviously relishing a meaty and villainous role.

And the chick factor? Luckily the film showcases an all too common subject and there's something for anyone who ever took a foot-in-the-door job here. If you've ever got a coffee, had a 5 am wake up call or concocted revenge strategies on a Sunday, you'll enjoy it. And if not, the fashion is stunning.

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I was kinda expecting SEX IN THE CITY meets ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and this certainly is a film that's proud to wear its "chick flic" credentials openly on its designer sleeve. However, unlike SEX IN THE CITY, this has a sparkling script and a wonderful Cruella Deville central performance from Meryl Streep. At times sappy, silly and sentimental with the typical SOUTH PARK style "we learned something today" kinda ending that wraps up proceedings with a happy-ever-after romantic... More glow - but, this is at least bearable and well made. Stanley Tucci is great as Streep's sidekick playing the cliched gay best friend fashionista. Oh and somebody called Anne Hathaway is the lead protagonist - but, honestly? Any carboard cut-out Julia Roberts for the now generation would do. I expected either tedium or horror - but was pleasantly suprised to find it, um... neither horrific nor too tedious.Hide

Glamorous, but not very interesting.

If you like fashion, New York, Paris and Meryl Streep, this movie is for you. I loved it and so did the blonde daughter although some of the guys would like it too. Meryl Streep should get an Oscar for this portrayal of the Fashion Guru who rules her empire with an iron hand, but it is her withering looks to people that stole the show. Night shots of NewYork and Paris were brilliant too. Came out of the theatre feeling I had 'been entertained'

I had hoped the fashion would wow me and the acting would engage me but instead I found myself forgetting all about the movie as soon as I left the theatre.

Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were fantastic however I just didn't buy Anne Hathway's character and therefore the film was lacking. Also, WTF is up with Simon Baker's eyebrows!!

I think I'll read the book and probably enjoy it more.

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  • BBC

    It's a shame that Frankel ties pretty bows around the story in the end and it could have had more bite. Still what he does reveal about the fashion biz holds a morbid fascination. Understated moments like the withering once-over Andy is subjected to during her interview with Miranda are classic. Hathaway is an endearing foil, but it's Streep strutting her best stuff that really ties it all together... Full Review

  • This smart and funny creation is not just wish-fulfilment for the Sex And The City generation — it’s a Wall Street for the 21st century... Full Review

  • Takes place in the world of haute couture. That sums up the movie. Otherwise it would be another boss from hell movie. But what delicious fun Streep and her conspirators have with that world... Full Review

  • An easily digested spoof, in the style of a grown-up Mean Girls. Andy's seduction by a world she initially rejects as superficial gives the film depth. And with its strong ensemble cast, witty script and eye-candy apparel, The Devil Wears Prada is the hottest trend of the season... Full Review

  • A fashion-mag procedural that thinks itself a cautionary tale... Streep, so stupendously funny at times that she nearly salvages the whole thing... Full Review

  • Everyone knows that Meryl Streep is the high priestess of drama, but she never gets enough credit for her comedy skills. That should change with The Devil Wears Prada, a sinfully funny, deliciously glossy take on the 2003 best seller by Lauren Weisberger... Full Review

  • With exquisitely understated comic delivery, Streep manages to lift her stereotypical bitchy boss to a higher realm, and this formulaic flick along with her... Full Review