The Dictator

Review: The Dictator

16 May 12

The Dic-tator

The Dictator
First things first, its a game of two halves, its Sacha Baron Cohen (SBC) so lets face it, either your going to watch this film because you'll love it or you're watching it so you can pick it to pieces. Most things in this flick are of course predictable, yet there are some wonderful gems (like the helicopter ride, and just the colorful way SBC puts people down, great script writing). Totally along the lines of 'Don't Mess with the Zohan' with bits of 'Bruno' & 'Borat' but thats to be expected really. SBC has roped in some pretty good actors in this & soem good cameos too.
Genre : Comedy, racist, sexist, etc
1/5 -5/5 : This sits at both complete ends of the spectrum, if you know what you like or hate (I laughed at couple bits so hard I was in tears!) Plus the music is great covers, done by SBC's brother!